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Manufacturer & Exporters of Injection Moulds for Plastic household & Industrial Products..

Established in 1988

At Goa Mouldcrafters Pvt. Ltd. our mission is to serve the Household Plastic Industry on a global scale. Our factory is fully equipped with the state of the art, world class CNC machinery and the latest CAD-CAM Software so as to finish moulds at the high-tech international standards.

Our mould system guarantees perfect frame with runner to direct the uniform flow of molten thermoplastic with cooling channels working in unison to control temperature and ejection system to provide finished moulded product of high quality.

Marching ahead with the technological advances, we are adopting a new symbol reflecting moulds special characteristics of quality performance and master in Injection Moulding.


Specialized Mould Designing & Manufacturing for Household Plastic Industry.

Supply of Ancillary Equipments for plastic moulding machinery

Supplier of Steel handles for plastic household products

Turnkey solutions for setting up Injection Moulding & Blow Moulding factories.


Basin Mould Core & Cavity
Kitchen Rack Stand Mould
Mop Bucket Mould
We mould the global character

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